Welcome to the NLC

NLC is the official League of Legends esports organisation for the Nordic Region, UK, and Ireland.

About the calibration phase

For the upcoming iteration of the NLC, the seeding for the league comes with an updated and reworked format. The reason behind these adjustments is Riot Games’ new model for the divisions that will be introduced in 2022. Instead of the traditional relegations, a calibration phase will be played where teams can qualify for the various divisions. The entire phase will take place on the EU West servers/tournament realm.

Division 1 and Division 2 will each feature 10 teams in total. We of course want to appreciate the efforts and achievements of those who put in so much work in the previous season. Therefore, the top six teams of the NLC Summer Split will automatically be seeded into the first division. The remaining first division teams, as well as those for the other divisions, will be determined through the calibration phase. Teams who previously competed in the NLC and those who reached the top two in Telia Masters will receive a seeding advantage.

Format for the calibration phase

The calibration phase consists of two stages: The Open Qualifier and the Division 1 Qualifier, which will seed directly into the Divisions or the Div 2 Qualifier.

As the name implies, the Open Qualifiers are open to any already established or up-and-coming squad that is interested in competing. The highest placement that can be achieved through this Qualifier is a spot in the second division. Sign-ups will open on 6th September, and will be able to be accessed on this homepage. For more information regarding the registration please check our sign-up guide.

The Division 1 Qualifier on the other hand is limited to already existing teams that are participating in the current NLC, the top two line-ups from Telia Masters and up to eight more rosters that will be selected via an application procedure.

Any organisations that have the ability to cover the structural and financial requirements to play in the first division can send their application to info@nlc-calibration.com. The application should explain the team’s infrastructure, the financial blueprint for their NLC participation and their former activities in esports. For additional information, you can of course reach out to our support team.

Schedule for the calibration

The application process for the Division 1 Qualifier will be open from 31st August to 10th September. The final participants will be announced at the end of the subsequent week.

Afterwards, the Group Stage for the Division 1 Qualifier will kick off in October and the Playoff stage will conclude later that month. The exact schedule depends on the number of participating teams and will be finalized and revealed after the announcement of the participants.

Sign-ups for the Open Qualifier will start on 6th September. The registered teams will be assigned into several groups using a Swiss-format. Starting at the end of September, the teams will play multiple rounds of calibration games on four different Sundays. Every team must play 2-3 games on each day. The best line-ups will then advance to the Division 2 Qualifier. All remaining teams will then be assigned into the various other Divisions and can compete in the league starting in 2022.

The aforementioned Division 2 Qualifier is the final round of the Open Qualifier and the Division 1 Qualifier, and will take place in a bracket-format at the end of October.

Div 1 calibration:

  • Application: 31.08. - 13.09.
  • Team selection: 17.09.
  • Group stage: 04.10. - 07.10
  • Playoffs: 11.10. - 17.10.
  • Div 2 Qualifier: 25.10. - 07.11.

Open calibration:

  • Signup: 06.09. - 26.09.
  • Swiss stage (2-3 Games per day): 26.09. + 03.10. + 10.10. + 17.10.
  • Div 2 Qualifier: 25.10. - 07.11.