General Rules

The following rules and regulations apply exclusively to the Open Calibration and the Division 2 Qualifier.
Rules for Division 1


  1. General
  2. League structure & Format
  3. Composition of the teams
  4. Protests & Questions
  5. Schedule & Gameplay
  6. Before the match
  7. During the match
  8. Fraud attempts
  9. Penalties



The Northern League of Legends Championship, hereinafter dubbed the "NLC", is a League of Legends league organized by Riot Games and Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH and serves as entertainment as well as the promotion of the League of Legends scene in the following countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark. The association of the aforementioned countries is hereinafter dubbed the "Northern Region".

Players and teams

Any natural person who owns a legal League of Legends account on EU West is eligible to participate in the league and is hereinafter dubbed a "Player" if they play with the League of Legends account registered on An association of at least five (5) Players is required to participate in the league and is hereinafter dubbed a "team".

In the group stage a team is eligible to play if at least three (3) of five (5) Players playing in a game are Locally Trained Representatives (LTR).

In the playoff stage a team is eligible to play if at least two (2) of five (5) Players playing in a game are LTR. However, in total at least three (3) Players on a team must be LTR.

A Player is considered an LTR if at least one of the following conditions is met:

  • The Player has had primary residence in the Northern Region within 36 out of the last 60 months immediately preceding their participation in the first match of the current NLC season.
  • The Player has played in two (2) of the last three (3) "European Regional League" (ERL) seasons immediately preceding their participation in the first match in the NLC. In addition, a season counts towards the LTR requirement for a Player if the Player was part of an ERL or LEC team for the majority of the matches in the season - even if the Player did not actively participate in the corresponding ERL - as long as the Player did not participate in another ERL.
  • The Player has had his primary residence in the Northern Region for at least 36 months since his 13th birthday.

As an exception to the aforementioned rule, for teams, who previously participated in the Division 1 Qualifier, the rule 1.2.2 of the Division 1 Qualifier applies.


Any natural person authorized by Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH to administer the NLC based on its rules and regulations is hereinafter referred to as "Admin". The entirety of all Admins is referred to as "Administration".


Registration for a season in the NLC is open for a certain period of time. Information on the start of the season is available to Players on our website. All teams, without exception, must register for a new season. This also applies to teams that played in the previous season. No new teams can join during a current season.

Note: The registration process is explained in detail here.


By participating in the NLC, Players accept the rules without limitation and follow the instructions of the Administration. The interpretation of the rules is solely at the discretion of the Administration. Decisions can replace the following rules, if they are in accordance with the preservation of the competitive spirit. Any special cases not listed in this rulebook require individual review by the Administration. Measures can deviate from those mentioned here, but will be taken in any case with the principle of proportionality as well as conformity with the rest of the rulebook.

Each Player acknowledges the right of Riot Games and Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH to adjust or change the rules at any time without Riot Games or Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH having to inform the Players about the adjustments and/or changes.

Every Player has to show due respect to other Players as well as to the Administration. Insults, unfair and/or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated and can be punished with an immediate suspension from the league. Here, the respective match pages, lobby chat as well as ingame chat will be considered. The Administration reserves the right to include incidents that take place outside of these spaces, if a direct relation to the league operation is determined.

Each Player must have the latest version of League of Legends installed and must take care to learn about and apply new updates to their system in a timely manner. Patching is not a valid reason to delay a game under normal circumstances.

By participating in the NLC, the Player confirms that they have reached the age required to play League of Legends in their country.

The Administration reserves the right to change or delete offensive or insulting pictures, names or profile descriptions of teams and Players without prior warning. This includes, but is not limited to, racist, anti-semitic, sexist, homophobic, transphobic or otherwise discriminatory names, pictures or profile descriptions.

Data protection regulations

Any person participating in an NLC match hereby agrees that Player and team names as well as sound and image recordings made in the course of the NLC and in which the Player is featured may be used free of charge for publications on websites of Riot Games and Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH, their social media channels and in the context of the press. Riot Games and Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH is thus entitled to a temporally and geographically unrestricted and unlimited use, storage and utilization of the material.

Every Player is required to verify their League of Legends account with their GameSports account. A Player is not eligible to play as a confirmed member of a team until 24 hours after successful verification. A change of the League of Legends account during an ongoing season must be requested and approved via support ticket. The basic requirement for the approval of the change is that the currently verified League of Legends account is not suspended. The Player is only eligible to play if the summoner name specified in the profile matches the account located in the lobby. In case of a name change, the summoner name can be updated independently in the User Center via "YOUR PROFILE".

The use of multiple GameSports Accounts is prohibited. Furthermore, sharing a GameSports account as well as the associated verified League of Legends account and the use of such shared accounts in the context of matches in the NLC is prohibited.

By participating in the NLC, all Players agree that their summoner name will be visible to third parties.

In order to prevent deception and fraud in competitions in which fairness and integrity in esports and/or cash and non-cash prizes are at stake, Freaks 4U Gaming GmbH has a legitimate interest (General Data Protection Regulation; Article 47) in pseudonymizing Game Accounts, such as the League of Legends account, and storing them for up to five (5) years after user account deletion.

Each team is responsible for logos, team names, profile descriptions, etc. themselves. The Administration will only intervene in case of proof of a registered brand name, licensed logos or proven copyright violations as well as violations according to rule 1.5.6.


The primary communication platform for the NLC is Other teams can be contacted using the comment function located under each match.

If any agreements between two (2) teams are made outside of the match comments, they must be noted and confirmed by both teams in the match comments. The Administration reserves the right not to admit screenshots of conversations outside the match comments as evidence.


By registering for the NLC, each team agrees to actively participate. In order not to make other teams wait unnecessarily on match days, each team must always be ready to play on the official match date.

If a team is no longer able or willing to participate in the league, the team leader is required to communicate this to the Administration via support ticket.

Any team that fails to show up at the official match date for a total of two (2) matches within the group stage may be disqualified from the current NLC season by the Administration.

Each team is required to check the match of the opposing team of the previous match day in case of a default win and report inactive teams.

Any team that has been disqualified in the current season loses its right to the achievements already obtained by the team account. This means that when registering for the following season, the team will be placed in the Starter Division.

Prohibited sponsors

Teams may not be sponsored by brands or products that fit at least one of the following descriptions:
  • Any other video game, other video game developer, or publisher
  • Any video game consoles
  • Any esport or other video game tournament, league, or event
  • Any other esports team, owner, or affiliate thereof
  • Any prescription drugs
  • Firearms, ammunition or firearm accessories
  • Pornography or pornographic products
  • Tobacco products or paraphernalia
  • Betting or gambling providers (bookmakers and betting sites)
  • Non-beer/wine Alcohol products (including non-alcoholic beverages marketed by alcohol companies) or other intoxicants the sale or use of which is regulated by Applicable Law
  • Sellers of or marketplaces for virtual items known to be counterfeit or illegal
  • Seller of or marketplaces for goods or services that violate the LoL Game Terms of Use
  • Fantasy esports operators (including daily fantasy)
  • Political campaigns or political action committees
  • Charities that endorse particular religious or political positions, or are not reputable (by way of example, Red Cross, Stand-Up to Cancer and other similar mainstream charities would be considered reputable)
  • Cryptocurrencies, or any other unregulated financial instruments or markets
  • Businesses engaged in offering Contracts for Difference (CFD) trading, or similar trading on margin products
  • Beer and wine products

League structure & Format

Registration stage

The first stage of a season is the registration stage. At the end of the registration stage teams are required to perform a check-in to confirm their participation one last time. The start and end date of the registration stage as well as the check-in will be announced on the website.

Group stage

The second stage is the group stage and it consists of one group, which is played in the Swiss format with up to twelve (12) rounds. The exact number of rounds will be announced at the start of a season.

The group stage serves as a calibration for the NLC 2022 Spring Split, in which teams can reach various divisions (Division 3, 4 and so on) depending on the rank at the end of the group stage. The highest placed teams can reach the third and final stage to qualify for Division 2. The exact distribution will be announced at the start of a season.


The third and final stage is the playoff stage, which start after the group stage and serves to qualify teams for Division 2 of the NLC 2022 Spring Split. Participation in the playoffs is dependent on the results from the group stage. Furthermore, losing teams from the Division 1 Qualifier are invited into the playoff stage. If a team qualified for the playoffs does not show up for the playoffs, the team will reach Division 3.

The eight (8) highest placed teams will reach Division 2 of the NLC 2022 Spring Split. Any other team will reach Division 3 of the NLC 2022 Spring Split.

The playoff stage will consist of one Double Elimination Bracket.

The exact format of the playoff stage will be announced on the league page.


In the regular group stage, a match consists of one game. In the playoffs, a match consists of a Best-Of-Three (Bo3). The result will be entered automatically after the match. If the result is not entered after a few minutes due to a technical problem, the Administration must be contacted as soon as possible via support ticket.

Each victory of a match in the regular group stage corresponds to one (1) point in the ranking.


The ranking in the group is calculated according to the points earned.

Composition of the teams

Team size

In order to participate in an NLC season, a minimum of five (5) Players from a team must register for the season and thus be confirmed for the season lineup.

Teams that can no longer provide a lineup eligible to play in a current season can be removed from the current season by the Administration. These teams will then lose their entitlement to the successes already achieved by the team account.

A team may submit a game-eligible lineup if

  • at least five (5) Players on the team are eligible to participate in the season; or
  • the amount of Players can be increased to five (5) by using roster additions; or
  • with the help of stand-ins all remaining matches can be played.

In a season, there can be a maximum of ten (10) Players in the season lineup at any one time .


A stand-in is a Player who is not listed in the team's active lineup and is filling in for an active Player.

A maximum of two (2) stand-ins are allowed per match in a team.

Each team may use a stand-in up to a total of five (5) times during the group stage.

Per team, the same stand-in may help out a maximum of three (3) times in the group stage.

No stand-ins are allowed in the playoff stage.

Roster additions

Teams can add a total of four (4) Players to the lineup after the end of the registration phase until the end of the group stage. Adding a Player consumes one roster addition.

Player transfer

A Player may play for up to three (3) teams during a season.

A Player may not change the season lineup during a season. This includes the registration stage.

Team owners

A team belongs to the creator of the team account until it first consists of five (5) or more Players.

A team that at least at one time consisted of five (5) or more Players is owned by the majority of the team. The right to manage a team rests with the team leader. However, if more than 50% of the team votes in favor of a new team leader, they will take over the team in which the team leader status will be transferred to the new person.
Eligible to vote are:

  • Players who have been on the team account for seven (7) days or more
  • Players who do not meet the above criterion, but can be shown to have played at least one (1) match for the team as a member of the confirmed lineup
  • Players removed from the team account within the last seven (7) days.

Voting Players must submit a support ticket within seven (7) days of submitting the initial request. If not enough votes are received after the deadline, the request will be rejected.

Team accounts may be passed on without further consultation of the Administration. Here it should be noted that this is only allowed without compensation. A sale for money or other services or products is prohibited.


Companies, clubs, clans or businesses can be registered as an organization. This requires a registration of the team leader via support ticket and an approval of the Administration. Here, as much information as possible about the organization as well as the NLC account of a contact person must be provided.

The Administration reserves the right to register teams independently as an organization. The contact person will then be determined and informed by the Administration.

When the organization status is reached, the team account no longer belongs to the creator or the majority of the team, but to the organization.

Transfer of slots, both within an organization and to another organization, is only possible in consultation with the Administration.

Protests & Questions


Any questions or complaints about the league must be submitted via support ticket. The Administration cannot be reached in any other way.

Complaints must be submitted via support ticket within 24 hours after the official match start. Protests submitted outside of this time period may be rejected without review. Players are encouraged to include as much evidence as possible with their protest and provide as much detail as possible. An upload function for uploading screenshots is available for this purpose on every match page. Uploads to external sites may not be accepted, unless this is explicitly requested or required by the Administration.

Support tickets must be kept confidential, publication of support content of any kind is prohibited.

Duty of proof

It is the responsibility of a team to provide sufficient and clear evidence when making a complaint. Complaints that are not clearly presented due to lack of evidence may be denied.

When protesting the result, screenshots of all games within a match must be added to the support ticket.

If one or more Players are late or do not show up at all for the game, the protesting team must document this with a screenshot stating the current time.

In case of a suspected cheat, a replay of the game in question must be uploaded to the match page. Support tickets for a suspected cheat must describe the situations in detail.

Schedule & Gameplay

Group stage

Any match has a set date and time and cannot be postponed without the explicit approval of the administration.

The match days are set as follows and can be found on the league page.

Playdays 1-3*, &
Playdays 4-6*, &
Playdays 7-9*, &
Playdays 10-12*, &

*Note: Depending on the final number of participants, the number of playdays may vary. There will be a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of three (3) games per day.


The playoff stage will take place on set dates, which will be announced on the official league page.

Before the match

Lineup selection

The leader or a captain of a team must designate an eligible lineup on the match page at least ten (10) minutes after the official match time. If this is not done within the deadline, the match will automatically be considered a loss.

If none of the teams submits a lineup eligible to play in time, the match will be closed unscored.


Each team must be ready to play by the official match date.

In the playoff stage, within a match there is a five (5) minute break between each game. Here, the respective time from the log of the match page is defined as the end of the game.

If a team is late to a game, the following rules apply:

  • 15 minutes late: loss of the game
  • 30 minutes late: loss of the entire match

The delay must be proven by the protesting team.

Tournament Codes & lobby

At the time of the match, the "Tournament Code" can be requested by Leaders or Captains of the playing teams on the match page. This code is needed to join the lobby and thus also to start the game. The settings created with the Tournament Code determine the map as well as the mode of the Champion Selection. It is played on the 5vs5 map (Summoner's Rift). The Champion Selection takes place in the 'Tournament Draft' game mode.

The team named first on the match page (left) has the right of side selection for the first game. In the playoff stage, with each further game this right changes. The side selection must be made in the lobby at the latest.

All Players are required to compare the summoner names of the opposing lineup in the lobby with the summoner names on the match page. All Players entered in the match lineup are generally eligible to play in the match, unless explicitly mentioned otherwise on the match page. As long as at least one summoner name in the lobby does not match the name on the match page, the team is considered late according to 6.2.3.

If the Pick-&-Ban Phase is started before both teams are ready, the Champion Selection can be left before the first ban of the own team.

The game is considered to have started when at least one of the following points is fulfilled:

  • Visual contact was established between Players of both teams.
  • A Player uses an attack or ability on Minions, Jungle camps, towers, or enemy champions.
  • A Player enters, establishes line of sight, or uses an ability in the enemy Jungle. This includes leaving the river or entering a bush adjacent to the enemy Jungle.
  • The in-game time reaches 02:00 minutes.
Protests regarding the lineup or the Pick-&-Ban Phase will not be accepted after the start of the game.

If there are technical problems with a tournament code, the game can be played as a 'Custom Game' (Tournament Draft, spectators only in lobby), if both teams agree. The result of the game must be reported to the Administration via support ticket with evidence.

Champion Selection

Placeholders are not allowed during the Champion Selection. Picks and bans selected within the lobby may not be changed. This includes random selections due to technical errors. If the Champion Selection is cancelled, all bans and picks must be repeated in identical order. The selected champions can be swapped within the team as desired.

In case of technical problems like bugs or disconnects during the Champion Selection, and a wrongly selected champion, be it a pick or ban, the Champion Selection can be interrupted by the affected team, if the opposing team has not yet selected another pick or ban afterwards. All picks and bans must be repeated until the incorrectly selected champion. The incorrectly selected champion can then be re-selected.

In case of technical problem at the end of the Champion Selection, such as wrongly selected runes, Summoner Spells or a bug when swapping champions, the game can be aborted and the Champion Selection restarted, if the game has not been started yet according to rule 6.3.5. All picks and bans must be repeated.

Newly released champions are only playable from the patch following the release. Furthermore, the Administration reserves the right to temporarily or briefly disable individual champions, for example due to bugs.

Currently disabled champions


Spectators, coaches, casters and other persons are allowed in the lobby and in the game. Each team is allowed to use two (2) of the four (4) available spectator seats. If a team needs less than two (2) seats, the other team may fill them up. Should the lobby be entered by spectators or casters chosen by the Administration, they may claim up to two (2) seats. The seats reserved for the teams will then be reduced to one (1) seat per team.

During the match


Substitutions after the first game of a match must be indicated immediately in the match comments. The user profile, the summoner name of the substitute and the summoner name of the substituted Player must be indicated. Furthermore, all rules regarding lineups eligible to play must be obeyed.

End of game

A game is over when one of the following points is fulfilled:

  • A nexus has been destroyed.
  • A team has used the surrender function in League of Legends.
  • An Admin declares the match to be over.

Pauses & Disconnects

In the event of a disconnect, the pause function must be used. Pauses can be initiated within the game by using /pause. This function is also intended for other emergencies, such as lags or other technical problems. Each team is then entitled to 10 minutes of pause per game. If this time is exceeded, the opposing team can insist on continuing the game. If a team refuses to continue the game after the pause time, the Administration must be informed as soon as possible via support ticket. If there is no instruction from the Administration within ten (10) minutes and the opposing team continues to refuse to resume, the match will be suspended until further notice. The Administration may, at its discretion, resume, reschedule or close the match.

Before resuming the game, both teams must confirm that they are ready to continue the game.


Every Player as well as spectator is free to stream the games of their own team. A stream delay of three (3) minutes is recommended for Players.

Players are prohibited from watching these streams. Being present in the stream chat is considered a violation in this regard.

If there is a protest regarding the match score according to rule 7.4.2, the protesting team has the obligation to prove possible effects on the match.

Server crash

If the connection of all Players to the server breaks down and rejoining the server is not possible, the Administration must be informed immediately via support ticket. If there is no instruction from the Administration within ten (10) minutes, the match is suspended until further notice. The Administration may, at its discretion, resume, reschedule or close the match.

Fraud attempts


The use of software and hardware that may affect League of Legends in any way is prohibited.


If bugs occur in the game that significantly affect the game, the game must be paused. The Administration must be informed immediately via support ticket. If said bugs affect only one team, clips or screenshots must be taken of the game to prove the bug. If there is no instruction from the Administration within ten (10) minutes, the match will be suspended until further notice. The Administration may, at its discretion, resume, reschedule or close the match.

Deliberate abuse of bugs is prohibited.

Match fixing

All Players must try to win every match at every stage of the league. Any collusion that affects, among other things, the Pick-&-Ban Phase or the match play is prohibited. Intentionally losing a match is prohibited.


Breaking the rules can lead from punishment of a single Player to punishment of the whole team. The degree of punishment is decided individually by the Administration.

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